California Votes To Give Rights To Chickens, Takes Rights Away From Gays

Thursday, November 6, 2008
Think about that one for a second. On Tuesday Californians voted to give rights to chickens to be free of cages. They then voted to take away rights from homosexuals. How do you give rights to a chicken and then take away the rights of a human?

I love my state but that is just stupid.

Little Bill O'Reilly & Barney Frank

Lawsuits filed against California same-sex marriage ban

I am so tired of Christians and their constant quest to make their religious beliefs our laws. I am not Christian and I do not want Christian beliefs of which I find to be archaic, to be the laws that govern my Country. The fact that Christians want their beliefs to be everyones beliefs and are willing to force it through courts and Amendments is un-American and has been allowed to occur for far too long. Have your beliefs but don't force the population to live by your religions beliefs.

I'm not talking about all Christians but a large majority in this Country act in this way...

"Wasilla Hillbilly's Loot Nieman Marcus From Coast To Coast"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008
That is what a campaign staffer for McCain said of Palin and her husband Todd. It seems her shopping sprees were worse than first told. She even had staffers put items on their own cards, although the campaign issued a statement that they were paid back.

Wonder if she will try and run for President...

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